June 12, 2016

Ume Syrup in the Making/作成中の梅シロップ

Glass jars 1 and 2, started on June 10.
3.5 kg ume and 1.5 kg sugar
3.5 kg ume and 1.3 kg sugar, respectively
それぞれ、梅3.5 kg、砂糖1.5 kg
梅3.5 kg、砂糖1.3 kg
Glass jars 3 and 4, started on June 10.
2.5 kg ume and 1.0 kg sugar
2.1 kg ume and 0.9 kg sugar, respectively
それぞれ、梅2.5 kg、砂糖1.0 kg
梅2.1 kg、砂糖0.9 kg
Frozen and unfrozen ume in plastic containers, both started on Jan 11.
Left: 0.5 kg frozen ume and 0.25 kg sugar
Right: 0.5 kg unfrozen ume and 0.25 kg sugar
左:冷凍梅0.5 kg、砂糖0.25 kg
右:冷凍していない梅0.5 kg、砂糖0.25 kg 
Surprisingly, not much difference in the amount of syrup made or in flavor.
Frozen ume in two Tupperware containers, started on June 11.
Left: 700 g ume and 300 g sugar
Right: 488 g ume and 220 g sugar
左:梅700 g、砂糖300 g
右:梅488 g、砂糖220 g  
2.5 kg ume (mostly unfrozen ones) and 1.0 kg sugar in each 5 liter Tupperware container, started on June 11.
5リットルの各タッパー容器に入れた、梅2.5 kg(大半は冷凍していない梅)、砂糖1.0 kg、開始6/11。
Note: All of the glass jars and containers have been rolled and shaken occasionally.

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