June 13, 2016

Uses of Ume Jam and Ume Syrup/梅ジャムと梅シロップの使い道

Here is one simple simultaneous use of ume jam and ume syrup.
In a glass, simply put some ice cubes, ume syrup, shochu (Japanese distilled spirit), and ume jam.
The addition of ume jam makes this type of alcoholic drink (ume chuhai (chuhi), ume hai (hi), or ume sour) incredibly tasty. After one sip, I added some more jam (and syrup).
You can use ume syrup in cooking in a variety of ways when both sweetness and sourness are called for.
I highly recommend home-making ume syrup and ume jam!


ErinBear said...

Dear Hiroyuki,

That looks like it would be a very interesting drink. I wonder if it would also taste good with soda, for people who don't drink alcohol? I hope you and your wife continue to enjoy the ume jam and ume syrup. It looks like there are many ways to use them.

Take care,
Erin from California

Hiroyuki said...

ErinBear: I've never tried ume jam + ume syrup + carbonated water myself, but I can imagine that it's as tasty as the alcoholic version.

I'll ask my wife to get ume syrup and ume jam into her cooking (she is now the main cook in my family). My daughter likes "asparagus rolled in meat" seasoned with ponzu, and I'm interested to know what the dish will taste like if seasoned with ume syrup (and soy sauce).