June 19, 2016

Ume Syrup Making, Final Step/梅シロップ作り、最終段階

As I described in a previously post, I separated the syrup from the ume and made ume jam from all the ume on the afternoon of June 14, when I found signs of fermentation. I transferred some of the syrup to Tupperware containers and used PET bottles and put them immediately in the fridge, and left the other in the glass jar and left it at room temperature.

The syrup in the fridge remains pinkish, and ferments very slightly, as I can tell from the release of air when I open the bottle.
The syrup left at room temperature turned slightly darker, and is fermenting.
Since I got two additional used PET bottles, I decided to sterilize it by heating.

I first tried to filter the syrup using a sieve and a paper towel. I failed because of the too many bubbles.
I skipped filtering, and used two enameled pots to sterilize all the syrup at once.
Heat until it reaches 80 degrees C. Do not bring to a boil.
I simmered it for about 1 minute, and then turned off the gas, put the lid on each pot, and let cool.
4- and 2-liter PET bottles
I have only this small funnel in the kitchen, and transferring the syrup one ladleful at a time was time-consuming!
I left the bottles overnight to cool. (I got another PET bottle from my daughter.) 
The two PET bottles are now in the fridge, but the large one is in a cook dark place. I hope I can get two other used PET bottles in a day or two, so I can put all the syrup in the fridge.

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