March 23, 2010

35-Yen Instant Ramen/35円のインスタントラーメン

The suggested retail price of Chicken Ramen, the first-ever instant ramen, invented by Ando Momofuku, the founder of Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., is 100 yen per pack, but the manufacturer is now offering it at a much lower price, 35 yen, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founder's birth, starting on March 1. The special price is limited to ten million packs. 35 yen is the price of the ramen when it was first released in 1958.

I had one pack with a seasoned egg for lunch today.

The manufacturer is also offering "Cup Noodle" for 100 yen (for ten million cups only), as well as two new "cup of noodles" products for 170 yen each.
For details, visit the news release (Japanese only) of the manufacturer.
NOTE: I have no affiliation with Nissin.
注: 私は日清とは関連ありません。

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