March 2, 2010

Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) This Year/今年の雛祭り

Hina Matsuri falls on Tomorrow, March 3. This is my daughter's hina doll set:

I hope I can add additional text tomorrow, together with some photos. In the meantime, why not indulge in listening to the song, Ureshii Hina Matsuri on YouTube?

Edited to add: Last night, I was amused to find that in the YouTube video I linked to above, a photo taken by me is used from 1:06 to 1:17.
I posted the photo to post #23 on the Hina Matsuri thread in the Japan Forum on eGullet.
追記: 昨晩は、上記のYouTubeのビデオに私が撮った写真が1:06~1:17まで使われているのに気付き、面白かったです。
この写真は私がeGulletのJapan ForumのHina Matsuriスレッドのpost #23に投稿したものです。

Text and photos added on March 3:
Today, I went to the Shiozawa Branch of Daishi Bank, No. 39, and took these photos:

This one is for someone called Amato (laugh):

Edited to add:
Sorry, not much to talk about (sigh).
We had hand-rolled sushi (temaki zushi in Japanese), using these ingredients:

We also had hamaguri (clam) soup:

Traditional soup for Hina Matsuri.

My wife made this cake, using a premade rolled cake and whipped chocolate-flavored cream.

My wife said that I did not have to post a photo of it in my blog, but here is it anyway.

Chirashi zushi is more appropriate for Hina Matsuri, but my daughter still prefers inari zushi.

And, she prefers modern sweets like these to traditional ones.
Koala no March, chocolate flavor and strawberry & milk flavor:

Sorry if I have disappointed you.
Search around, and you may find the Hina Matsuri dinner of a much wealthier family (laugh)!


fabergreen said...

Hi Hiroyuki San,

the dolls are so beautiful! We can't get any such dolls here in USA so my husband (his mom's japanese) made origami ones. Thanks for your interesting post!

Hiroyuki said...

fabergreen: I visited your blog, and saw your hina dolls! How cute!

Amato said...

How could I miss it???
Thank you Hiro, this is very sweet.
Hiroyuki, your posts are never disappointing, I always learn very much about Japanese food and culture.
I read right now your posts in eGullet forums, about Maillard Reaction (wow!) and similar. Incredibly interesting. I could buy 10 books and wouldn’t learn this much I do reading here.

Most important is you had good time together with you family and enjoyed food you like. Traditions are great but much more great are "familiar traditions", you know what I mean.

My parents are “wealthy”, but they are such poor people, you can’t imagine...
Poor in their attitude to life, sometimes I feel sorry for them. They miss very much.

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: Thanks for your compliment!

May I suggest one thing?: Why not join eGullet and be an active member in the Japan Forum and elsewhere? I'm sure that eGullet needs someone like you. I understand that you have a blog of your own and enjoy posting about your knowledge and experience, but a public forum is slightly different: You will get more attention, you will get more respect, and you will get more satisfaction! Think about it!

Amato said...

Dear Hiro,
I’m sorry I answer this late, was very busy last days (with cooking, what else).
I like the idea very much, and will join the forum. You know, I started my blog because I wanted learn more ad improve my self. Blogs like yours or Japanese food repot are blogs where I can learn more. The eg gullet forum I like very much, have read a little, there are tons of great information.
I will create an account, thank you!

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: What a wise decision!
You will meet some nice people there!