March 1, 2010

Hina Yukimi Kazari (Part 3 of 3)/ひな雪見かざり(パート3/3)

Photo pointing to the south, taken in front of Miyajima Yofuku-ten (clothier), No. 9
Classic mailbox by Shiozawa Post Office, No. 11

Hina dolls in Otsuka Yakkyoku (Pharmacy), No. 12:

Rice shop called Koshihikari Genmai Gura, No. 15:

Classic rice milling machine in front of the shop:

Traditional rice cooker, kama:

Hina dolls (made from Shiozawa pongee, I think):

Edited to add: Are they made from Shiozawa Omeshi? I will check if they are made from Shiozawa Tsumugi or Shiozawa Omeshi, and make any necessary changes.
追記: 塩沢お召しで作ったものか?塩沢紬か塩沢お召しで作ったものか確認して、必要に応じて修正します。

The board says, "Needless to say, Japan's best rice-producing area is here, Uonuma in Echigo (former Niigata)".

Cork board on which a poster, a map, and others are posted:

Hina dolls in Yoshino-ya, No. 24:

Just open the front door of this private house, and you will see these dolls!

Hina dolls in the izakaya called Dandan Tei Nippon Kazoku, No. 25:

Armors of Naoe Kanetsugu (left) and Uesugi Kagekatsu (right) in Hashimoto (variety store), No. 26:

As I said previously, Naoe Kanetsugu was the main character in the NHK Taiga Drama, "Ten Chi Jin" (Heaven, Earth, and Man).

Hina dolls in the store:

"Hina no tsurushi kazari" (hina hanging ornament) in Sawa Biyoin (beauty parlor), No. 50:

Hina dolls, together with rabbits clad in kimono in the beauty parlor:

Pretty rabbits, aren't they?


Stacy D said...

Hello Hiroyuki,
I was not sure the best way to get in touch with you so I will just leave a comment. I really love reading your blog, so I linked to your blog from my new website. ( I hope that is ok!) It's on here:

thanks and take care!

Hiroyuki said...

Stacy: Thanks for your comments and the link. I visited your blog and found your comments about furikake quite interesting!
Blue Lotus! She is also a member of eGullet!

Yangsze said...

Hi Hiroyuki,

Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. I spent part of my childhood in Japan and the pictures of the little shops and streets (even the cars!) make me feel very nostalgic and a little homesick.

Hiroyuki said...

YSC: I don't know if you are a boy or a girl, but if you are a girl, you must miss Hina Matsuri!

Amato said...

Great post and excellent pictures, Hiro, I spend almost one hour to look at everything…
You can’t imagine how fascinating it is for me.

What is the meaning of the rabbits?
I did some goggling on hina matsuri and dolls, but didn’t find anything about rabbits.
Mochi-Rabbit? (tsuki no usagi)
So far I know the tri-colored mochi is called hishi-mochi.
How about the other one, similar to kagami mochi, pink on top, white bottom (if this is a mochi at all)?
And what are this small egg shaped sweets? And… (Ok, I stop)
Thank you!

There is even a small tea ceremony shelf with tiny chasen! These small items are so cute.

This ancient rice cooker is very impressing too.

Hiro, I would like to write an article about hina matsuri, could I please use 1 picture with the dolls? (only one, right now I start to write in German and English, I don’t want to rely on the translation tool)

Of course I will point out where I have it from and tell where the people can look at much more great pictures.Please?

PS. how is the cake going? :-)

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: All those hina dolls and accompanying goods are fascinating to me, too! That's why I wanted to post about them.

I don't think rabbits have anything to do with hina matsuri. I think that they are there simply because the shop owner thinks they are pretty and wants to share them with visitors. I'll let you know if I find any connections between rabbits and hina matsuri.

Yes, they are mochi.
kouhaku mochi 紅白餅, I suppose.
I don't know why, but my dauther's hina doll set also contains kouhaku mochi, not hishi mochi.
I did some googling, but didn't find any answers.
I'll let you know if I find the correct answer.

Egg-shaped sweets? You mean the ones in Yoshino-ya, No. 24?
They are mame daifuku (daifuku with beans in them).

One picture? OK, go head. You don't have to ask for permission! Just copy any picture you like and add a simple description that the picture was not taken by you but by someone else. And, you don't necessarily have to provide a link to my blog (laugh)!

Cake?! I don't want to disappoint you, but my wife says she wants to make a special cake for hina matsuri, so I won't make any cake myself.

I almost forgot: Napoli sauce! I checked the recipe you gave to me, and found it calls for fresh basil. I have to wait until I can get fresh basil!

Stacy D said...

Yes, I found Blue Lotus on eGullet as well! Her posts are always so interesting

Amato said...

Dear Hiro, but I WANT to link(I already do) to your blog, because I like it very much!:-)

Thank you very much for the permission-I would never take pictures without asking first (I would feel very uncomfortable).
I have respect for the work from other people, and think I should always ask. I mean, you take the pictures, write a post, all this should be credited.

I didn’t know kohaku mochi(I know kohaku namasu ;-))

Somehow, there are always some rabbits in Japanese culture, mochi-rabbit, moon-rabbit. I love the small rabbit shaped sweets like jojo-manju, soo cute.

I didn’t make the cake either ;-), but I think I will for the hina matsuri post I will write this month. No way would I make it till the 3rd! No chance... I’m always late. Always.
Of course I can imagine your wife has the last word. ;-) By the way, I have no idea how this cake tastes, and of course I’m not disappointed. I don’t want your girl to be sad because of a cake idea from a crazy German person.;-)
The cake you wife made looks good, why didn’t she want you to show it? Mhm, coffee cake…

Hiro, you can use frozen basil, if you can get something like this, here we have fresh basil which is frozen. Basil is also very easy to grow, it just needs warm and sun. I grow shiso and mitsuba in my garden, also some basil kinds.
This Napoli sauce is a summer recipe, very refreshing.

fabergreen said...

Hi Hiroyuki San,

Thanks for talking about furikake! I enjoyed reading it, as always.

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: My wife went shopping the day before (March 2), hoping to get some decorative items for her daughter's cake, but she didn't buy anything because she said everything was so expensive!

I will grow basil this year, as I have done in the past!