March 16, 2010

Shogoin Nama Yatsuhashi/聖護院生八ツ橋(なまやつはし)

Today, I got one box of Shogoin Nama Yatsuhashi from a neighbor. Nama Yatsuhashi is one of the most famous specialties of Kyoto.


J said...

Oooh exciting. I've never had these before, what do they taste like Hiroyuki-san?

Hiroyuki said...

Jan: Nama Yatsuhashi is a sheet of gyuhi (a type of mochi) with "tsubu an" (adzuki bean paste with skins unremoved) in it and dusted with cinnamon.
It's an all-time favorite of many Japanese, including me.

Amato said...

I always admire the art of Japanese packaging of sweets. I had some green tea senbei, they are gone long time, but I sitll keep the wrapping.

Would you say they are made only of mochiko/shiratamako or with a part joshinko?
I have a recipe for yatsuhashi and wanted to make some soon.

Yes, exciting, here too. ;-)

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: Komeko 米粉 (rice flour) only (and sugar), according to the ingredint label.

I'm looking forward to seeing your nama yatsuhashi!!

The Japanese like to keep wrapping paper, just like you!