March 21, 2010

"Kanzuri" and "Koshi no Murasaki"/「かんずり」と「越のむらさき」

Let me introduce two seasonings produced here in Niigata: Kanzuri and Koshi no Murasaki.
In short, Kanzuri is a hot, spicy condiment made from red peppers, rice malt, yuzu (citron), and salt. It's fermented for three years! I'm not a big fan of Kanzuri, but I do have a fond memory of it because one eGullet member made a recipe for yakitori (skewered and grilled chicken) especially for me that uses Kanzuri, as described here : Hiroyuki's Yakitori Kanzuri Chicken.
簡単に言うと、かんずりとは、唐辛子、麹、柚子、塩で作られた、辛い調味料です。3年間も発酵させます!私はそれ程かんずりが好きなわけではありませんが、楽しい思い出があります。Hiroyuki's Yakitori Kanzuri Chickenに書かれているように、eGulletの或るメンバーが私のために、かんずりを使った焼き鳥のレシピーを作ってくれたからです。

I previously posted a photo of Koshi no Murasaki. In short, it's soy sauce plus katsuobushi dashi, amino acids, etc. It's made by a soy sauce brewery with the same name, Koshi no Murasaki, Co., Ltd., located in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture. Since I knew of this product in a TV show, I had wanted to get one bottle. Like I said previously, it can be used as a substitute for soy sauce. Now I use it on a daily basis.