March 7, 2010

Aoki Shuzo's Kakurei in Exchange of Ice Cream/アイスクリームと交換で青木酒造の鶴齢

Last night, my two children went to the Ski Carnival held in Chateau Shiozawa, one of the ski resorts here in Shiozawa. They had a wonderful time, and they both got a lot of gifts by lottery there.
Among others, my daughter got this:

Kakurei of Aoki Shuzo. The sheet of wrapping paper says Chateau Shiozawa Tourism Association.

It's a small bottle (720 ml), not a big one (1,800 ml).
大瓶(1,800 ml)ではなく、小瓶(720 ml)です。

The alcohol content is 15% to 16%, which is typical for Japanese sake (Nihon shu, seishu).
DO YOU THINK I GOT THIS BOTTLE FOR FREE?? My daughter requested (demanded?) some ice cream in exchange of this sake!

Top left: Yukimi Daifuiku Kajitsu Ichigo (lit. Snow-Viewing Daifuku Fruit Strawberry) of Lotte Co., Ltd.
Strawberry juice and flesh: 17%
Bottom left: Mini Yukimi Daifuku
The former is classified as lacto ice, while the latter is classified as ice milk.
左上: 株式会社LOTTEの雪見大福果実いちご
左下: ミニ雪見だいふく

Right: Meiji Essel Super Cup Cho (= Ultra) Vanilla of Meiji Dairies Corporation
右: 明治乳業株式会社の明治エッセル スーパーカップ 超バニラ
This product is classified as lacto ice.

In Japan, ice cream dairy products are classified into three categories: ice cream, ice milk, and lacto ice according to milk solid and milk fat.

Yukimi Daifuku is a great hit from LOTTE.

Children these days...


Amato said...

Your daughter is a tough business woman!;-)
She “demanded” ice cream. :-D Good girl!

I like the stories about your children very much (I don’t have any…)

Hiro, I would like to make yukimi daifuku, but I have big plea: could you please tell me the ingredients written down on the package? Please?
I would like to find out, what they use to keep mochi-skin soft.
Is this maybe trehalose or glycerin?
Thank you!

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: No trehalose or glycerin. Sugar, vegetable oil and fat,
mizuame, high-fructose corn syrup, emulsifier, stabilizer, flavoring, artificial color
Of course, you don't have to use all these ingredients. Sugar should be the only necessary ingredient to keep mochi soft.
Here are two recipes for yukimi daifuku (in Japanese):

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: I really don't think that yukimi daifuku is worth making. Do you remember what you said about uguisu mochi? That is true of yukimi daifuku, too. It's simply gyuhi + ice cream. Chocolate-coated ice cream would be much better!

J said...

Haha, your daughter is a smart cookie!

Hiroyuki said...

Jan: Here is more to the story: Last winter, my son went to the same carnival with his cousin, and got the same bottle of sake by lottery. (Both my children were very lucky!) His cousin suggested that he "sell" it to me, he told me about it, and I complied with his request: buying the bottle from him for... I can't remember how much I paid!

Amato said...

Thank you very much for writing down the ingredients!
Yes, I’m also not sure if it’s worth the effort. Some people have asked after the recipe/possibility to make yukimi daifuku.
Maybe I will in summer.
Thank you for the link with recipe!
I think the high fructose syrup is the mochi-softener, like mizuame in other mochi recipes. Sugar softens too, but then you need to use very much, I don’t like it this sweet.

How about chocolate mochi with chocolate ice cream, hm? :-)

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: How about ichigo (strawberry) daifuku coated with chocolate!? Just kidding!