June 28, 2016

Making Ume Syrup and Ume Jam Again!/また梅シロップと梅ジャム作り!

Today, I received another box of ume from my father. He told me the other day that they were the final ones of the season.
After I opened the box, I immediately noticed that most of them were blemished. I first thought of making ume jam immediately because it would take 3-4 days to make ume syrup. While cutting off blemished portions from individual ume, I soon realized that the blemishes were only superficial.
One example:
Another example:
Very resistant, as compared with other fruits such as apricots and apples!

Look at all the mess!

Naturally, I used the recipe that I posted only today.
To be continued.


Nancy Singleton Hachisu said...

Hi Hiroyuki. I have lived in the Saitama countryside since 1989 and have been writing Japanese cookbooks for the last several years (Japanese Farm Food and Preserving the Japanese Way). I found your blog via Sissi several years ago and admired your content and passion. I am currently writing an all-Japan cookbook for Phaidon (Japan the Cookbook) and would love to include some of your methods and recipes (with attribution of course) if you are amenable. You can contact me by email anytime. Thanks! Nancy Hachisu (nancyhachisu@me.com)

Nancy Singleton Hachisu said...

Oh!! I forgot why I was commenting on the Ume Syrup post. Actually, I am at my friend's ryokan in Suzu, Ishikawa until tomorrow. Last year I was visiting they pressed a few boxes of ume on me that we picked together. The Sakamotos encouraged me to buy some honey (¥¥!) at the local JA and I bought pickling bags at the same time. I double bagged the ume, scraped in a liter jar of hone for each box, tied the bags tightly, sealed the box, bagged it one more time for good measure and sent the boxes to Saitama. The syrup that eventually resulted was heavenly! Thanks for sharing your method. Nancy

Hiroyuki said...

Nancy: Thank you for your comments. Of course, you can use any of the contents of my blog provided that you attribute them properly.

Yes, ume syrup is heavenly! All my family love my home-made version!