December 16, 2016

Japanese Curry/日本のカレー

For lunch today, I made curry, using two (not four) onions, three potatoes, a half of a carrot, some pork, and
store-bought Japanese curry roux.
Java Curry, Karakuchi (Spicy), my favorite brand!
One box calls for 1300 ml of water, but I used only 700 ml, which is very important for making the type of curry that my father likes.
一箱で水が1300 ml必要ですが、私は700 mlしか使いませんでした。父が好きなタイプのカレーを作るのにとても重要なことです。

10 minutes after boiling, all the ingredients were cooked. I started mashing the potatoes with a ladle, which is also important.
Turn off the heat, and add the curry roux. Turn on the heat again. Mix well. The curry will be done in a minute.

One hour later, I reheated the curry. Looks very, very tasty.
As always, my father commented that the curry I made was very tasty.
My father, brother, and I like this type of curry (thickened with the potatoes), while my mother and sister like the type of curry that is as thin as soup.

For dessert, we had very small kiwi fruits.

These kiwi fruits had been put in a bag together with an apple for weeks, and my father had forgotten about them.
While rinsing under running water, I separated the good ones from the bad. Sadly, I lost about one third of them. Here are the good ones, and
the bad ones.


diu said...

Hiroyuki bom dia,eu coloco banana em um saco de papel e funciona também no processo de amadurecimento,voçês tem acesso a banana.

diu said...


Hiroyuki said...

diu: Thanks for your comment and a machine translation of it, which is hilarious (any machine translation would be hilarious).

Thanks for your suggestion. My father bought some apples to mature them.
I know of another way, simply crush one kiwi fruit and put it in a bag together with the rest, and the fruits will be matured. I haven't tried this method yet.

Anonymous said...

I don't know such curry roux actually exists!
But seems its taste just like any other premade roux.
ジャワカレー = Kare Jawa, right?
Actually it has totally different flavor from Indian curry!
Using coconut milk to thicken the soup and no trace of cardamom, it's not spicy at all.

Hiroyuki said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your comment. Jawa Curry (product name) does contain coconut milk powder, but it's spicy.
Japanese curry roux products usually contain a large amount of lard (about 40%).

Sissi said...

I have never thought kiwis might ripen just like some other fruits! And cutting open one of the kiwis is an excellent idea!
I usually ripen fruits with a banana. I just put it into a paper bag and it accelerates the ripening process, just like apples (I use it often with avocados).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Not cutting with a knife but simply hitting it against a table or something to crush it. I hope I can try the method some day.

Sissi said...

Thank you! I'll try it one day. I often buy kiwis which aren't that ripe....