December 17, 2016


Just wanted to show some photos of store-bought oyaki given to my parents as an oseibo (year-end gift). Oyaki is another local dish of Nagano (aka Shinshu).

Four different types, cabbage, kiriboshi (cut and dried daikon), nozawana, and Chinese cabbage.
Oyaki with nozawana filling:
Oyaki with Chinese cabbage (and other vegetables):
Not bad, but I really want to have the ones made in an irori (open fireplace) in the old-fashioned way, like the ones shown in the YouTube video.


Amy said...

Thank you so much for teaching us about these unique dishes from Nagano, Hiroyuki! From watching the video, I agree that the ones made over an irori look very appetizing. The oyaki actually remind of me of hotteok, from Korea - hotteok are usually stuffed with a sweet filling made from brown sugar and nuts (like here:, but they can also be filled with savory vegetable fillings (like here: At any rate, oyaki look very delicious!

Hiroyuki said...

Amy: Thanks for your comment and links. Hotteok! They bring back memories! I had one at a cultural festival of my son's high school! I had assumed it was spicy.