December 4, 2016

Shin Soba (Buckwheat Noodles Made from Newly Harvested Buckwheat)/新そば

"Soba uchi" (soba noodle making) is one of my father's hobbies.
Today, he made soba noodles, using the newly harvested buckwheat, for supper.

Boiling the soba noodle was my job. As instructed by my father, I boiled the soba for 5 minutes or so.

After the soba was done, I transferred some of the water used to boil the soba to another pot. This water is called "soba yu". It is customary for each diner to mix the water with their dipping sauce and drink it after having finished eating the soba. This water is rich in rutin.
My father said that the soba was the worst (he has ever made). He added that he should have added some more water. The soba noodles were as thick as udon noodles. Making soba noodles is very difficult. Anyway, the soba was very good.

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