December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice This Year/今年の冬至

The winter solstice falls on today, 21st December, this year. As requested by my father, I collected some yuzu from the tree in the yard around the house.

Watch out for the thorns!
 I got more than 30 in no time.

Store-bought kabocha:
It's not that my father hasn't grown kabocha this year but that he is so generous that he has given all of his kabocha to relatives (including my family), leaving none for himself.
Put them in a pot, and add water enough to barely cover them.
Bring to a boil, and add some sugar (1 tsp in the photo).
Place an otoshi buta (drop lid) or something similar (two paper towels in the photo).
By the way, I've been struggling with these and other knives, none of them are sharp enough! Well, that's another story.
Simmer for 5 minutes, and add some soy sauce.
Simmer for another 2 minutes or so.
We are going to have simmered kabocha as part of supper tonight, and put four or five of the yuzu shown above in the bathtub to take a "yuzu yu" (yuzu bath)!


diu said...

Good afternoon, I love cabocha.

Hiroyuki said...

diu: Yes, almost everyone likes kabocha!

ErinBear said...

I love kabocha, too, but it's friends do not enjoy it! I think it is so delicious. I guess everyone is different.

I hope you can get the knives sharpened. Where I live, it's very nice; you can take your knives to the grocery store, and the butcher department will sharpen them for free for you while you shop. It's a helpful service.

Take care,
Erin from California

Hiroyuki said...

ErinBear: Well, I don't like melons, oysters, and eggplants, and people just don't understandy why I don't like them. Neither do I!

Lucky you! I will have to buy some good whetstone to sharpen all the dull knives by myself!

Fräulein Trude said...

I am the only one at home happily munching simmered kabocha or hokkaido pumpkin (this is a japanese kabocha variety and has absolutely nothing to do with Hokkaido I suppose) It is so delicious. My family only wants to eat pumpkin soup or pottages. But that is fine with me. I can easily eat one small Hokkaido type pumpkin by myself. Thanks for sharing. Did your father never sharpened his knives? As a farmer? My mother is the same she owns tons of dull knives. I hate to prepare food in her kitchen.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Lucky you! Then you can eat all simmered kabocha!

Well, I told my father that all the knives in the kitchen were dull. He sharpened some of the knives for me, but the knives were still dull! I checked the whetstones he had, and found they were not properly flattened. I will have to get a decent whetstone and sharpen the knives by myself in the near future.