December 18, 2016

Nikomi Udon (Udon Stew?)/煮込みうどん

Nikomi udon is like a nabe (one-pot dish) in that you put udon and other ingredients in the same pot. For supper tonight, I made soy sauce-flavored nikomi udon.

In a pot, put 1,200 ml water, 2 tsp instant dashi, daikon, carrot, Chinese cabbage, and naga negi. I usually add 100 ml soy sauce and 100 ml mirin, but I reduced the amount of mirin to 50 ml because my father hates sweet broth. You can replace soy sauce with miso and leave out mirin to make miso-flavored nikomi udon.
鍋に、水1,200 ml、出汁の素小さじ2、大根、人参、白菜、長ネギを入れます。いつもはしょう油を100 ml、みりんを100 ml入れますが、甘い汁を嫌う父のため、みりんの量を50 mlに減らしました。しょう油を味噌に変え、みりんを省けば、味噌味の煮込みうどんを作れます。

I wasn't sure if I should add pork or not because my parents are not big fans of meat. I decided to add three abura age instead.
All the ingredients will be cooked in 10 minutes or so.
My job is facilitated with the use of frozen udon. Otherwise, I have to boil dried udon in a separate pot. Alternatively, you may choose to boil dried udon in the same pot if you so prefer.
This particular product is a type of udon called kishimen (flat noodles).

I put two blocks. My mother was to have one of the oyaki I previously talked about.
Nikomi udon is completed within 2 minutes.

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