December 8, 2016

Persimmons for Oseibo (Year-End Gift)/お歳暮に柿

December is oseibo (year-end gift) season. I sent my parents a box of ten individually wrapped persimmons this year.

These persimmons are called Shonai Gaki in Yamagata prefecture. They are called Hacchin Gaki in Niigata and Okesa Gaki in Sado Island. I have already posted about this variety here in my blog. The proper name of this variety is "hira-tanenashi" (lit. flat, seedless).

Anyway, this variety of persimmon is delicious, and is called the king of shibu gaki (astringent persimmons).


diu said...

As each region a name, Brazil, cassava has different names in each state.

Hiroyuki said...

diu: The same variety called differently in different states? That's interesting to know!