December 18, 2016

Satoimo no Nimono/里芋の煮物

So far, I have called this type of simmered dish "satoimo no nikkorogashi" (simmered and rolled), but I have come to realize that the term is a misnomer for the dish I make, because the dish is not made by rolling the satoimo in a pot. I will call it satoimo no nimono from now on.

Satoimo (taro roots):
Rinse, drain, put in a bag, and microwave for several minutes.
I thought that microwaving them would make it easy to peel them, but I found it was quite difficult to peel them even by using a knife. So I decided to simmer them in a pot for several more minutes.
Peeling was still very hard to do, so I stopped peeling, put them in a pot of cold water, and left them overnight.

This morning:
Peeling was now very easy to do.
Note: Heating satoimo before peeling is recommended because peeling raw satoimo with bare hands will make them itchy.
注: 生の里芋の皮を素手でむくと手がかゆくなるので、皮をむく前に加熱するといいです。

Cut the satoimo into manageable sizes, put them in a pot, and add a 8:1:1 mixture of dashi (water + instant dashi), soy sauce, and mirin.
400 ml water + 1 tsp instant dashi, 50 ml soy sauce, and 50 ml mirin in the photo.
写真では、水400 ml+出汁の素小さじ1、しょう油50 ml、みりん50 ml。

The liquid must be of such an amount that it barely covers the satoimo. Place a drop lid on top.
I used two paper towels instead.

In 5 minutes or so, they will be done. I continued to simmer them for another 2-3 minutes.

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