December 27, 2016


Today, my son came to my parents' house to stay there for a while during the winter vacation. I took him to KAZUSA TOMATO GARDEN, where 6,000 tomato plants are grown in a 1,000 tsubo (3,300 m2) greenhouse and you can eat as many tomatoes as you want for 30 minutes for 500 yen for an adult on a weekday and 600 yen on a Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday.
Sounds like paradise for my son, who likes tomatoes!

Photos in random order:

Finally, my son got tired of eating tomatoes. Me, too.


diu said...

I wonder how the greenhouse plantations are there, spectacular, I have never seen anything like it. Happy because you share the beauties and agriculture way of your country.

Hiroyuki said...

diu: In this greenhouse, they can get tomatoes and cherry tomatoes all year round.

9895039531 seeandoh said...

Huge Greenhouse indeed. It is well kept and the tomatoes mus t be real tasty. As I mentioned earlier, I am planning to set up a small one on my terrace.

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: Well, not as tasty as you might imagine they would be. Tasty enough, but not as tasty as field grown ones.