December 9, 2016

Tamaru-Ke no Mizu (Water from Tamaru Family)/田丸家の水

My search for good-tasting water continues. Today, I went to "Tamaru-Ke no Mizu". Sorry, photos only, with no explanations. Tasty water!


diu said...

Water is free

diu said...

There are no problems of contamination

ErinBear said...

When water tastes good, it makes such a difference! It is better for drinking and cooking. I'm glad you found some you like!

Best wishes,
Erin from California

Yangsze said...

Hi Hiroyuki, thank you for sharing your latest adventures! I enjoy learning new things from your blog. For this kind of water, do you boil it if you make tea, or is it best drunk straight from the tap? What do local people do with it? Stay warm and keep blogging! :)

Hiroyuki said...

Thank you all for your respective comments.

Yangsze: Naturally, drinking straight from the tap is the best way to savor the flavor of the water. People, whether local or not, bring some PET bottles to take the water home and drink it straight from the bottles (you don't have to boil it first unless otherwise specified), make tea and coffee with it, and make dishes with it.